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Finish Line Management Race management, planning and organization are the keys to operating a successful event. ART provides initial consultation to assist in establishing a thorough race planning checklist. We also provide a detailed Race Director's Manual to all of our customers. Planning services include:

  • Venue selection
  • Course measurement and certification
  • Registration planning
  • Permits
  • Insurance resources
  • Race premium vendors


Timely and accurate registration is essential to a smooth packet pickup and race day registration process. ART can assist with your registration by providing the following services:

  • Entry form design
  • Online registration and web site design
  • Data entry software for mail-in registration processing
  • Barcoded labels for participant tracking
  • Participant lists and demographics
  • Packet pickup assistance
  • Sponsor advertising opportunities
  • Race day registration assistance

Venue Setup

The "look" of the race is an important aspect to any race. The overall experience by each participant will have a direct effect on success in subsequent years. We are meticulous in our setup, providing a professional look and feel to the venue.

  • Fencing for start corrals, finish line and transition areas
  • Inflatable 20' finish arch
  • LCD monitors recording and displaying each participants finish
  • PA system for announcer and music
  • Portable generators
  • Sturdy, reliable bike racks
  • Swim course marker buoys

Bike Rack Rentals

Bike Rack 1 Amazing Race Timing has 235 new bike racks available to rent for your event. The racks are constructed from sturdy 2.5" tubular steel and completely self-contained. The racks are designed for quick and easy setup and can be set up by one person in 10-15 seconds. Each rack can hold 6 - 8 bicycles, and has 3 adjustable height settings to accommodate youth bicycles as well. The racks are stored on a trailer for easy transport and setup. For more information including pricing, please contact us today.


The most important factor to the success of any race is the accuracy and timeliness of the race results. Providing accurate and timely results is the cornerstone of ART and is where we stake our reputation. ART provides a variety of timing options depending on the size and type of race:

  • ChronoTrack RFID timing system ("chip" timing)
  • Disposable D-TagTM RFID tags
  • Primary and backup at all timing points
  • Multiple backup systems at finish line (video, audio, pull tags)
  • Summit Systems wireless timing devices
  • Time Machine manual timing devices
  • Multiple split points


A companion to timing, race results must also be accurate and timely. We strive for near-realtime results, regardless of the timing method chosen.

  • Timely awards listings
  • Preliminary results printed and posted during race
  • Preliminary results posted to the Internet from the race site
  • Finishers' results kiosks
  • Results sent via the Web, SMS (text message), Twitter and Facebook